Momeni Isabella Rug Collection

Machine Made of 100% Polyester

Specifications for the Isabella Area Rug

The Momeni Isabella area rug is a thick Turkish power-loomed rug made of complete fine polyester. It is an elegant low pile rug collection with a 0.1-inch height that fits perfectly into any room. These area rugs are designed to recreate classical designs into fashion-forward soft pastel rugs for an elegant yet modern look.

Embedded with modern antiquity, the Isabella rug collection has 17 color variations, with each one being engrained with modern elegance and classical styling. Each of these 17 variations have 6 sub-variations with different sizes. They include:

  • ISA-1 Blue
  • ISA-1 Ivory
  • ISA-1 Grey
  • ISA-1 Periwinkle
  • ISA-1 Pink
  • ISA-2 Beige
  • ISA-2 Grey
  • ISA-3 Blue
  • ISA-3 Pink
  • ISA-7 Blue
  • ISA-7 Grey
  • ISA-7 Pink
  • ISA-8 Blue
  • ISA-8 Ivory
  • ISA-8 Pink
  • ISA-10 Blue
  • ISA-10 Brown

Each of these color variations come in the following sizes listed below:

  • 2’ x 3’
  • 2’7” x 8’ Runner
  • 4’ x 6’
  • 5'3” x 7'3”
  • 7'10” x 10'6”
  • 9'3” x 11'10”

Momeni Collection by Erin Gates

The Erin Gates collection by Momeni is inspired by historical designs and artwork. The collection consists of 15 different designs in various colors, patterns, and sizes. 
Whether for your living room, dining room, or bedroom, you will find the perfect style and size for your space. Browse the Erin Gates Collection to add a piece of antique beauty to your home.


How often should I clean my rug?

The cleaning frequency of your rug generally depends on your lifestyle and the amount of traffic it is exposed to. However, it is recommended to clean your rug every 1 to 5 years. Follow Momeni rug care and cleaning guides for more details.

Can I vacuum clean my rug?

Rugs can be vacuumed, but very carefully. When cleaning the fringes, putting the vacuum on light suction mode is preferable to avoid damage. You can also use a broom to sweep debris from the rug surface to the floor to help the rug maintain its shine.

What are low and high rug piles?

Low piles have short and tight loops and are usually less than ¼ inches tall. They typically suit dining rooms, living rooms, etc. High rug piles usually have tall and loose loops. It usually measures between ½ and ¾ inches. They typically suit places like guest rooms and offices. Medium rug piles measure between ¼ and ½ inches. They are suitable for places like the bedroom and laundry room.

What kind of rug pile should I get for my bedroom?

Medium rug piles are suitable for the bedroom as they are suitable for medium-traffic areas.

Can I fix the worn spots in my rug?

Yes, you can fix the worn spots on your rug. You can do this by dying the spotted area and reweaving the site to replace wool and pile.

What is the pile height of the Momeni Isabella Area Rug Collection?

The pile height for the Momeni Isabella collection is 0.1 inches.

What size rug should I get based on room size?

We recommend that you subtract two inches from your room's dimension while calculating the appropriate rug size for your room. So, if your room size is 11’ by 13’, your rug size should be 9’ by 11’.

Will putting furniture on my low pile rug hurt it?

No. Putting furniture items like chairs and tables on a low pile rug will not hurt it, but it may cause bruising if the furniture is constantly moved over a particular section. This constant movement can cause wear and tear on the rug.

How do I protect my low pile rug from my furniture?

To avoid furniture wearing out low pile rugs, it is best to rotate the rug at monthly intervals. It is also advised to fix glider cups under the furniture legs to reduce wear and impact on the soft rug.

Are low pile rugs durable for high traffic spaces?

Yes, low pile rugs are generally durable for high traffic spaces. They are suitable for spaces like dining rooms and living rooms.

What is an antique or semi-antique rug?

An antique rug is one that is over 100 years old, while a semi-antique rug is between 50 to 100 years old. Rugs dating between 20 and 50 years are referred to as used, while those less than 20 years are referred to as new.

How do I know my rug’s age?

It is often difficult to know a rug's age without a rug professional's help. However, as your rug ages, it develops a yellow color on its foundation as it ages. The yellow color gets deeper as the years go by. Rugs that are deep yellow are usually around 70 years old.

What rug sizes are available in the Momeni Isabella Rug Collection?

The rugs in the Momeni Isabella Collection are available in the following sizes:

  • 2’ x 3’
  • 2’7” x 8’ Runner
  • 4’ x 6’
  • 5'3” x 7'3”
  • 7'10” x 10'6”
  • 9'3” x 11'10”

How many color variations are available in the Momeni Isabella Rug Collection?

The Momeni Isabella Collection has 17 color variations, including the Isabella navy/ivory area rug and the Momeni Isabella rug pink.

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