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2' x 3' MALLOMRC-3CHR2030 43053
2' x 8' Runner MALLOMRC-3CHR2080 43417
3'6" x 5'6" MALLOMRC-3CHR3656 43422
5' x 8' MALLOMRC-3CHR5080 43428
8' x 10' MALLOMRC-3CHR80A0 43435
9' x 12' MALLOMRC-3CHR90C0 43440
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SETTING: The understated color palette pairs with every interior color scheme while exotic motifs work a worldly layer over hard floor surfaces.
  • COOL PALETTE: Neutral shades of taupe, green, and grey make this tribal area rug collection a cool décor component for urban bohemia.
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED: Natural wool fibers are hand hooked and serve as the basis for this decorative floor covering.
  • UNPARALLELED DESIGN: Elaborate geometric patterns are perfectly placed to maintain artful composition.
  • MEDIUM PILE PROFILE: A medium pile height at 0.4 inches makes this rug durable and perfect for any setting.

  • PILE HEIGHT: 0.4"
  • PRODUCT CARE: Indoor product. Recommended professional clean. Apply damp cloth to clean spots and stains. Avoid rubbing material on rug.

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