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Persian Hamadan 4'-3" X 6'-8"


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Persian Hamadan rugs are more than just beautiful floor coverings - they are a rich and intricate reflection of the cultural heritage of the Hamadan region of Iran. These rugs are the product of centuries of skilled craftsmanship, passed down through generations of nomadic tribes who have woven their way of life into each rug. The patterns of Hamadan rugs are distinctive and symbolic, featuring geometric shapes, intricate medallions, and repeating motifs that tell the stories of Persian art and architecture. These patterns are not just designs, but a visual language that speaks to the history and identity of the people who created them. But Hamadan rugs are more than just pieces of art. They are practical and functional, woven from the highest quality wool to withstand the demands of daily use. Whether placed in a living room, hallway, or entryway, a Hamadan rug will not only add a touch of elegance and history to a space but will also provide a durable and long-lasting floor covering.

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