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Persian Kashan 8'-9" X 12'-2"


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When it comes to Persian rugs, Kashan rugs are the oldest and most quintessential within the marketplace. Originally woven in the city of Kashan, today in Isfahan province, Iran, Kashan rugs captured global attention in the 19th century when they were introduced to international and European markets. Since then, Kashan rugs have fallen into the spotlight, becoming a regularly utilized piece across households worldwide. The refined texture of Kashan rugs is generally of a high knot density, yet silky to the touch. The typical design of a Momeni Kashan centers around an intricately woven medallion; curved linear motifs like trees and ivies and arabesques designs encompass it throughout its richly-colored surface. Composed of high quality wool pile, the rug's body is densely designed and brilliantly colored, giving it a rigorous amount of character, novelty, and reliability that sets it apart from other Persian rug styles.

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