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Persian Kelim 4'-10" X 6'-4"


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Persian Kelim rugs, celebrated for their captivating simplicity and ancient weaving technique, stand as timeless masterpieces that embody the rich heritage of Persian rug weaving. These remarkable flat-woven rugs, also known as "gelims," showcase a unique artistic expression that sets them apart from other Persian rugs.

What makes Persian Kelim rugs truly exceptional is their intricate tapestry-woven construction. The skilled weavers employ a traditional method that creates a smooth, flat surface adorned with geometric patterns, tribal motifs, and symbolic representations. The bold and vibrant colors used in Kelim rugs bring forth a sense of energy and liveliness, while the meticulously woven patterns reflect the weaver's deep-rooted cultural traditions and artistic sensibilities.

Unlike piled rugs, Kelim rugs possess a distinctive reversible quality, allowing both sides to be equally captivating and functional. This versatility adds to their allure, making them adaptable to various design aesthetics and ideal for both floor coverings and eye-catching wall hangings.

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