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Erin Gates by Momeni

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2' X 3' SAYBRSAY-3BLU2030 039425522330 High Stock
More than 50 Available
2'7" X 7'6" Runner SAYBRSAY-3BLU2776 039425522347 In Stock
10 to 50 Available
5'3" X 7' SAYBRSAY-3BLU5370 039425522354 In Stock
10 to 50 Available
8' X 10' SAYBRSAY-3BLU80A0 39425522361 In Stock
10 to 50 Available
9' X 12' SAYBRSAY-3BLU90C0 039425522378 In Stock
10 to 50 Available

The Saybrook Collection for Erin Gates by Momeni is defined by classic design patterns developed in the most perfectly approachable and functional way. The collection features sophisticated iconic design themes, such as diamonds, checks and a beautiful wave border motif. Saybrook is where refined and classic meets durable and practical. Made of 100% polypropylene fibers to mimic the look of natural jute, these rugs are easy to clean, intended for indoor or outdoor use, and perfect for the bedroom or under the dining room table. Saybrook offers the most comprehensive attributes of what everyone home needs in a rug.

  • Classic Design Patterns with Approachability: The Saybrook Collection, part of Erin Gates by Momeni, is characterized by classic design patterns that are both sophisticated and highly functional.
  • Sophisticated Iconic Motifs: This collection includes a variety of sophisticated design themes, such as diamonds, checks, and a distinctive wave border motif, adding elegance to any space.
  • Refinement Meets Practicality: Saybrook uniquely blends refined and classic aesthetics with durable and practical attributes, making these rugs a versatile choice for any home.
  • 100% Polypropylene for Durability and Versatility: Made with 100% polypropylene fibers, these rugs mimic the look of natural jute. They are easy to clean and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ideal for bedrooms and dining areas.
  • Comprehensive Utility for Every Home: The Saybrook collection offers a comprehensive solution for home decor needs, perfectly suited for various spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, providing both beauty and practicality.

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