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Oushak 5'-6" X 8'-3"


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Originating in the small western Anatolian town of Oushak in the 15th century, Persian-influenced Oushak (or Ushak) rugs are known for their angular, large-scale floral designs and predominance of hushed apricot and saffron tones. Woven in modern day Afghanistan, these pieces often feature monumental central medallions, patterns of smaller medallions, and smatterings of saffron-colored vine scrolls and palmettes. Composed of silky, soft, and lustrous wool, Oushaks are generally woven in a method called "ghiordes knot," or Turkish knot, in which a colored weft thread loops over the two warp threads, then is pulled through in between them and cut to create the pile The calm form and playful interaction of colors have made Oushaks one of the most sought after pieces by contemporary buyers and interior design industry experts. Their ability to simultaneously capture primitive and cosmopolitan styles make them certain conversation starters in any room.

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