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2'6" x 8' Runner WILLOWLO-1GRN2680 039425516070 No Stock
ETA: 08-09-2023
5' x 8' WILLOWLO-1GRN5080 039425516025 No Stock
ETA: 08-09-2023
6'3" x 9' WILLOWLO-1GRN6390 039425516032 No Stock
ETA: 08-09-2023
8' x 10' WILLOWLO-1GRN80A0 039425517343 In Stock
10 to 50 Available
10' x 14' WILLOWLO-1GRNA0E0 039425516056 No Stock
ETA: 08-09-2023

Mini check has entered the chat, meet Willow. Flat-woven with pile, this design provides a unique interpretation of the pattern while adding in braided stripe edges. Since the warm autumn hue is inspired by nature, it feels timeless and versatile. Made of 100-percent wool and handwoven in India, the global influence can be felt in every aspect of the design.

  • 100% Wool Hand-Woven Quality: The Willow collection is hand-woven exclusively with 100% wool, offering a cozy and substantial feel underfoot, ideal for adding a textural element to any room.
  • No Backing for a Natural, Flexible Feel: These rugs are crafted without backing, allowing the natural flexibility and softness of the wool to come through, enhancing the comfort and tactile experience.
  • Subtle Color and Basketweave Style: Focused on subtle colors and a classic basketweave style, the Twine collection transcends fleeting design trends, offering timeless versatility for various interior styles.
  • Ideal Layering Piece for Decor Flexibility: These rugs serve as perfect layering pieces, capable of calming down bolder prints or adding a touch of subtle sophistication on their own, making them highly adaptable for different decor themes.
  • Versatile for Multiple Home Settings: Great for living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and hallways, the Twine collection offers a blend of comfort, style, and versatility, easily integrating into and enhancing various home spaces.

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